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Thanks for your interest in Learning Support, a professional magazine for primary school teaching assistants in the UK published by Brightday Publishing from 2005 to 2011.

You can check the content of each issue of the magazine below, and click on the link to open a pdf of the entire magazine. You are welcome to read and download the magazines for your own use, but please note they are subject to copyright law and cannot be reproduced or sold in any form.

Index of all the main feature articles in each issue.

Issue 1
Issue1Helping children make good friends
Perfect partners. Why schools should listen to the parents of children with special
Making a classroom display – first of our two-part guide.
Finding your way through the qualification maze
Time to sort out TA pay?
Children’s health. Are your pupils drinking enough?
Advice: ” What should I do if a fight breaks out, and I’m the only adult present?”
Your health: look after your back
Playtime – great games to lead in the playground
Issue 2
Issue2Children who have witnessed violence in their own families need special support
at school
Children’s health – diabetes
Breakfast and after school clubs: new opportunities for support staff
“Great skills, but no promises on pay”. Schools Minister Jacqui Smith talks about
teaching assistants
Getting clever with classroom displays
Your health – do headlice come with the job?
Playtime – more games for the playground
Issue 3
Issue3How new TA roles are affecting classroom relationships
Are children with special needs getting enough support?
How teaching assistants are preventing bullying
Health: don’t catch that school cold
Tips for becoming a brilliant story teller
Special needs money – should schools decide how to spend it?
Help children learn to care for their teeth
Advice: “Our school leaves children dirty after ‘accidents’ until a parent arrives – is
this right?”
Playtime – cold weather games
Issue 4
Issue4Behaviour management for support staff – start of a new expert series
All about phonics
No joke – avoiding trips and slips at school
Children with food allergies
Supporting refugee children
What to expect from an autistic child
Class cover – how to prepare
A foundation degree could change your life
Advice: “I’m supporting a child with learning difficulties and don’t know how to
keep him busy.”
Playtime – story games
Issue 5
Issue5School councils – teaching assistants are making the difference
Using your body language to improve children’s behaviour
The teaching assistant who became a prize-winning author
What teaching assistants need to know about child sexual abuse
Shattered? You don’t have to put up with chronic tiredness
Understanding ADHD
Advice: “The head wants us to attend staff meetings, but in our own time”
Playtime – games to warm up outside
Issue 6
Issue6Helping children prepare for secondary school
Children who are carers
Manage your time better
Help for stammerers
What is Assessment for Learning?
Understanding sickle cell disease
Behaviour management – why you need to take care of yourself too
Here’s to safe drinking!
Special needs: dyslexia
Why teaching assistants are logging on to online forums
Advice: “How can I help an autistic child to respect other children’s property?”
Playtime: ball games for all
Issue 7
Issue7Making the most of school trips
Manage behaviour in the playground
Supporting a bereaved child
Asking questions to deepen learning
Healthy Schools – teaching assistants are taking the lead
NNEB – valuable skills in today’s schools
Depression – spot the warning signs
Don’t miss out on tax credits
ICT Making Word more child-friendly
Advice: “Some of my TA colleagues are barely literate”
Playtime – hopscotch and ‘aeroplane scotch’
Issue 8
Issue8Touchy subject – the pros and cons of physical contact with children
Managing children with challenging behaviour
Librarian? How to get your library buzzing
Special needs: supporting a child with a visual impairment
All about asthma
Staff vetting: what the new rules mean for you
Assessment for learning: make sure your feedback gives children the right
Your health: keeping fit for the job
ICT Make picture cards and games with Microsoft Word
Advice: “During wet play, how can I safely supervise three classes of children at
the same time?”
Playtime – singing games
Issue 9
Issue9Looking after children’s medical needs
Supporting children when their parents separate
How to start a club
Teachers who are working as teaching assistants
A practical guide to tackling bullying in your class or playground
Your health – look after your feet
Special needs: children with a hearing impairment
ICT Use Excel to sort test results and find averages
Advice: “I’m treated as an in-house supply teacher, but with no planning time”
Playtime – imaginative play
Issue 10
issue10Working with children who don’t speak any English
Could you be a school goveronor?
How to ask for a pay rise
Supporting looked-after children
Your health – coping with pain
Special needs: gifted and talented children
Children’s health: obesity
Using the internet to find the best pictures for your displays
England, Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland – how different are TAs?
ICT How to find good pictures for your displays
Advice: “I have to break up fights nearly every day”
Playtime – indoor games with pencil and paper
Issue 11
issue11Helping children whose parents drink too much
Develop your skills and knowledge while you work – new CPD series
How to find your perfect job
Circle time expert Jenny Mosley starts a series on how TAs can run great circles
with small or large groups
Your health – get a good night’s sleep
Special needs: differentiating work for children with learning difficulties
Children’s health: HIV infection
Our club: readers write about the clubs they are running
ICT: Making labels with Microsoft Word
Advice – “I’m worried about working alone, one-to-one, with a disruptive child for
three whole days a week.”
Playtime: Games using playground markings
Issue 12
Issue12How teaching assistants are getting parents involved in school
Playground basics – first of a new expert series for playground supervisors
Going green: TAs take a lead in making schools more environmentally friendly
Muslim pupils – what you need to know to support them
Networking: why meeting up with TAs from other schools can benefit everyone
Children’s health: all about anaemia
Craft: make a seascape
Early years – how to prepare for circle time
Your health – don’t let stress make you ill
ICT How to make a slide show with PowerPoint
Advice – “I’m working with a teacher who doesn’t seem to like children”
Playtime – survival tips for new playground supervisors
Issue 13
Issue13How to cope in class when the temperature soars
Is that child sad, or could he be depressed?
Taking first aid seriously
Awards galore – TAs get into the limelight
Different job, same skills – would you consider working in a secondary school?
Creepy-crawlies craft project
ICT – how to make a quiz
Curriculum – where to find what you need to know
Early Years – helping the children make the most of circle time
Making a quiz in PowerPoint
Advice – “What should I do about children misbehaving out of school?”
Playtime – keeping children safe
Issue 14
issue14New term, new teacher? How to make sure the two of you are working as an
effective team
Left-handed children – don’t let them lose out at school
Women’s work? Male nurses are a common sight. So why are so few men
working as teaching assistants?
Child poverty Why low family income can put children at a serious disadvantage
at school
Autistic spectrum New expert series of tips on working with children with autistic
New dawn for TA pay? National pay scales for school support staff are on the
Children’s health All about eczema
Circle time – drama and role play
Craft: be inspired by autumn leaves
ICT Pupils’ work can be used to make customised calendars
Advice: “The head wants to change my job – a lot!”
Playtime – troubled and traumatised children
Issue 15
Issue15Building pupils’ self-esteem
Violent behaviour
Autism – giving children choices means giving them a voice
Professional development – how new TAs can best learn on the job
Job satisfaction for teaching assistants
Teaching road safety to SEN children
Tackling anti-gay bullying
How to plan your circle time
Craft: festive stars
Children’s health – threadworms
ICT – painting programmes
Advice – Is it wrong to stay in touch with a former pupil?
Playtime: small changes can make a big difference
Issue 16
Issue16What a foundation degree could offer you
Display know-how – new series on what works best
Don’t be bullied
Helping children make the most of PE
Autistic spectrum -using rewards to motivate children
Working with parents
Is a food intolerance making you ill?
Craft: make a winter patchwork
Circle time in an early years setting
ICT: save time by getting your work organised
Advice – “I’m in sole charge of the most troublesome pupils”
Playtime – skipping games
Issue 17
Issue17More talking please! How speaking can help children think and learn
Displays – Make yours more effective as teaching tools
Autistic spectrum That squeaky door could be upsetting your pupil
“Our school is for whole families.” TAs take a lead on family learning
Children’s health – Don’t let school damage their backs
Reading – TAs’ role in the new catch-up literacy drives
Wet play – it doesn’t have to be hell
Your health – time for a hearing test?
Craft: spring flower pots make a pretty gift
Getting the most from training
Breaks – what are your rights?
“Our gardening club”
Issue 18
issue18Child neglect What is it, and what should you do?
What makes a good TA? By the TA who judges the Teaching Awards
How TAs get by on their pay
Classroom displays: health and safety matters
Children’s health: Incontinence
New national occupational standards for TAs: What has changed, and will it
affect you?
Craft project: windchimes
Your health: snoring can be a real nightmare
Teaching massage in primary schools
Tax credits – are you getting what you are entitled to?
ICT: turning children’s work into greetings cards
Playtime – tips for improving playground behaviour
Issue 19
1794_LS_Sum2_08.indbGifted and talented – using your specialist skills and interests to bring out the best
in children
Supporting pupils with a parent in prison
Trade unions for teaching assistants – complete guide to what they offer, and
what they cost
Your health: bad breath
“Mathslexia” – helping children with no head for figures
The big move – helping children with transfer to secondary school
Making football fair in the playground
Displays: accelerated learning
Craft – make some beautiful bunting to flutter in the breeze
Children’s health: sun protection
Essential skills for facilitating a school council
ICT. Get your computer records in shape
Issue 20
Issue20TAs who support Traveller and fairground children
The pros and cons of working as an agency TA
When teacher and TA can’t get on
Your health: arthritis
Supporting children with no English
Displays – using designers’ tricks to make a bigger impact
How to have a calmer dinner hall
Children’s health: facial disfigurement
Craft: make a papier mache bowl
ICT Making your own posters and banners in Microsoft Publisher
Playtime: managing dinner hall mahem
Issue 21
Issue21SEN children and bullying
TA by day, barmaid by night? The second jobs keeping TAs afloat
Class cover – a beginner’s guide to survival
Primary children who self-harm
Teaching friendship skills
Displays – how to use colour more effectively
Children’s health: female genital mutilation
Craft – make a herd of dinosaurs
Your health: obsessive behaviour
ICT – beginner’s guide to email
Playtime: lonely children
Issue 22
Issue22“It’s all in the planning” – first of a new professional development series for
teaching assistants
Children with Down’s Syndrome. How to help them reach their full potential
Teaching assistants who work in British schools overseas
Child protection: how TAs are training parents to take better care of their kids
Use your languages – bilingual TAs can make all the difference to children’s
Forgetful? Tips for getting your memory into shape
Displays – make a big impact in halls and corridors
Children’s health: headlice
Craft – paper weaving with a difference
Playtime: story corners
Issue 23
Issue23School phobia – how TAs can help
Could you be a learning mentor?
National Occupational Standards series – effective differentiation
TAs talk about their classroom research projects
Children’s health: meningitis
Using displays to make class rules stick
Don’t let dehydration spoil your day
The TA who rescues battery chickens
Craft – printing with vegetables, card and string
Ten things to do with play dough (including making some)
Playtime: treasure hunts for all
Issue 24
Issue24A new way of looking at ADHD
Supporting adopted children and their families
National Occupational Standards series – assessment for learning
Where to look for a (new) TA job
Your health: headaches
Interactive displays that work
School trips; get out and about without losing sleep
Circle games in the playground
Craft – making models of people from junk
Children’s health: thalassemia
The Welsh TA who started a charity in Malawi
Playtime – circle games
Issue 25
Issue25How to give yourself the best chance at a job interview
Helping children communicate with signs and symbols
Social and Emotional Learning (SEAL): teaching assistants take the lead
Physical fitness – getting children moving
All about the new support staff pay body
3D displays
Children’s health: foot troubles
Ideas for summer play activities
The school where TAs teach Turkish
Early years: ten things to do with Duplo
Craft: making beautiful birds
Playtime: summer activities
Issue 26
Issue26Making it work better if you’re a TA and a lunchtime supervisor
Why grandparents should go back to school
Working as a TA in a special school
How to teach pupils how to behave
Displays: word walls
Your health: carer at home, TA at school
Running a poetry workshop
Two TA-librarians show you their new beautiful new library
Craft: looking at painting styles
Using puppets in the classroom
Playtime – knowing when to intervene
Issue 27
Issue27_250New qualifications for TAs – will you be affected?
Supporting visually impaired children
Behaviour – using rewards effectively
How “Rarely cover” rules are affecting TAs
Displays: mounting children’s work
Your health: swine flu
TAs who trained to teach PE
Children’s health: are farm visits still safe?
Craft: beautiful lanterns for Christmas
Playtime – the power of positive thinking
Issue 28
Issue28_250How to give even the youngest pupils a say in what happens at school
Teaching assistants’ crucial role in “virtual schools” for looked after children.
Behaviour: the role of sanctions
Children’s health – what you need to know about tuberculosis
Don’t be a Velcro TA! Good practice in supporting pupils with SEN
TAs train to stop bullying
Craft: how to make colourful felt bags
Me and My Job – the HLTA who teaches touch typing
Your health: falls really aren’t funny
Displays: active learning
Issue 29
2031_LS_Spr2_10.indbHow TAs are using mediation to tackle behaviour
When parents have mental health problems
Your guide to Asperger’s Syndrome
Finding your feet – top tips for new TAs
Making school better for children with epilepsy
Working as a team
Craft: animal masks
Ideas for a great playtime, whatever the weather
Displays that give children a voice
Your health: painkiller dangers
Issue 30
Issue30How to become a qualified teacher
Supporting pupils from military families
Teach children to stay safe on the internet
So what is “formative assessment”, and how can it help TAs do their job better?
Body language – giving them the right message
Children’s health: nosebleeds
Craft – geometric designs based on tiles and quilts
Volunteer readers need TA support to be most effective
Displays: how to present a set of similar pupil work
Your health – a runny nose could be caused by allergic rhinitis
Playtime – why children love to play on the grass
Issue 31
Issue31Caring for Cuddles – the pros and cons of animals in the classroom
Teaching assistants and the new government – what does the future hold?
Reflective practice for TA
Could you be a Parent Support Advisor?
Why some children smell, and what you should do
Interactive display corners
Your health: look after your feet
Craft – beautiful butterflies for your classroom
Playtime – the best play props are free
Tracking is fun and helps children explore outside space
Plus Webworld, TA Talk, and children’s book reviews
Issue 32
Issue32Pinched, bitten, and kicked – should TAs have to put up with assaults by pupils?
When parents are on drugs
Going private – what’s life like for a TA in an independent school?
Children’s health: early puberty
All about learning disability – start of an expert series
Ceiling displays in the classroom
Playtime – creating a positive atmosphere in the playground
Your health: blood pressure
Craft – make an apple-book
Displays: using the ceiling
Issue 33
Issue33_250Special Educational Needs – are you supporting the right pupils?
Using force to manage aggressive behaviour
Supporting children in step families
How to survive the Christmas show
Help children get organised
Self-harm in younger children
Dyslexia – how to make a real difference
Craft: build a local street from cardboard boxes
Your health – protect your eyesight
Ask Sue. Advice on how much help to give pupils, and coping with challenging
Playtime – role of the lunchtime supervisors’ leader
Issue 34
2114_LS_Spr1-11.indbToilet trouble. What schools can do to help children with continence. And when
accidents do happen, is it really your job to clear up?
How to deal with cyberbullying. Sticks and stones can break bones, but cruel
Facebook posts and text messages can break young hearts.
How can you get funding for your HLTA assessment now Government has cut
local councils’ budgets?
Learning difficulties – all about dyspraxia and dyscalculia
Craft – create a snowflake display
Keeping things tidy in the classroom
Behaviour – coping with attention-seekers
Dangerous asbestos – is it in your school?
Children’s health: preventing back troubles
Ask Sue. Advice on getting your first TA job; feeling isolated at school; having an
Playtime – how physical activity supports learning
Issue 35
2128_LS_35-Spr2-11.indbWhy are boys falling behind at school – and what can teaching assistants do to
Piggy in the middle? Working in a class with job share teachers
Teaching assistants can make great foster carers
Look after your voice – you need it
Making sense of the new qualifications for teaching assistants
Craft: easy frames for photos and other pictures
How to start a lunchtime club
Children’s health: glue ear
Advice – “I don’t like hearing my own child being told off!”
Playtime: letting children do it their way
Issue 36
36Facebook: what teaching assistants need to know
Understanding children with obsessive compulsive disorder
Facing the worst – your redundancy rights
How to make a kite
Tips to keep your school club running smoothly
Displays: how to use ‘fussy cutting’
Build a qualification with the new QCF
Advice: “I don’t agree with the teacher’s outlook”
Prepare for wet play, and make it more fun for everyone
Issue 37
Issue37Angry parents – what to do if you’re in the firing line
Preparing children with SEN for secondary transfer
Don’t let your job damage your back
CPD: your role in planning
Put your skills on show by helping with the school play
Displays: making borders work better
In praise of lunchtime supervisors
Advice: “I’m worried about working with older children”
Craft: make a magic wallet
Issue 38
38Every day counts – teaching assistants’ vital role in improving pupil attendance
Stamping out racism in school
Young children with eating disorders
How did you make ends meet over the summer?
Arty? How to develop your role in the classroom
Using displays to improve pupil behaviour
National Occupational Standards series: evaluation
Getting things right at lunchtime
Craft – how to make top pencil holders
Issue 39
39Skills for building better working relationships
Scandal of TAs who don’t get proper breaks
Asking the right questions to help children learn
Easy costumes for the Nativity play
Supporting a child with haemophilia
National Occupational Standards series: TA role
Making your working wall work better
Craft – festival elephants for Christmas